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Curiosity, Listening, Practice

BENTU is a young design company established in 2012, based in Guangzhou, China.

The team originated in spatial design and they had been to a lot of sites where concrete buildings were knocked off. The more demolition sites they have been to, the more attached they felt with this material.

Inspired by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando(安藤 忠雄), the team found the gap between cement and its application to domestic products. A piece of cold cement can be given a warm aesthetic value through architectural design, however it has not yet become a common material used in product design.

Aiming to fill this gap, the team started to explore this material two years ago and at present they have already designed and manufactured more than 40 items which sell all over the world.

Back to Basic, Respect the Nature

BENTU values the concept of simplicity. This concept has applied to their product design, naming and packaging of their works. BENTU introduces cement, the basic building material that has been widely used in the world, into their design. The raw form and touch of cement remind people the foundation of modernisation that we enjoy nowadays.

Water is an essential component of cement. The team aims to make cement flows as fluid as water and solidified it into a natural beauty. To achieve both aesthetic goal and functionality within a product can be challenging, yet BENTU believes challenges can ignites creativity.

Website: Bentu Design