Our story

China is at a crucial stage in its development, where economic growth and rapid social transformation is generating a growing self-awareness. Creativity is seen as key to unlocking a new world of social and commercial possibilities. This has led to an increasing desire in China not only to seek out and learn from great design, but also to share its own distinctive and emerging design.

Founded in 2013 by a team of architects and designers with a professional and creative network across China, China Design Centre promotes the understanding of China’s rapidly evolving design culture. Working with The Building Centre, and its long-established roots supporting professional, educational and cultural appreciation of the built environment, the China Design Centre is the permanent home for exhibitions, events and conferences exploring Chinese innovative design.

The China Design Centre showcases the unique design vision emerging from a country with a long history and rich culture, and whose dynamic economy is generating a new wave of talent in Architecture, Art and Craft, Furniture, Products and Materials. While fostering the cross-cultural exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise, our venue is an ideal place to explore collaborative opportunities between designers from China, UK and the rest of the world.