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Shitang Village Internet Conference Centre: the practice of rural architecture in the new era

Guizhou Project: ‘Across Chinese Cities’ - The Object Spaces and Rituals of the Collective, Venice Biennale 2018

Ruralation Shenaoli Library, Tonglu

Woodkiln BingDing: slices of the traditional woodkiln chamber

Ziinlife: bringing you a 'lovely surprise'

ORIENTO: the colours from the east

The 1st International Bamboo Architecture Biennale: rebuilding countryside with artistic spirit

Min Chen: finding the Chinese language in the world of design

LEEDARSON: soft light to enjoy the life

TAN Carpet & Home: luxury hand knotted custom rugs

NANCHOW: beauty of broken tiles

Zhoujie Zhang/EndlessForm: new forms of furniture in digital era