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Furniture / 9 Oct 2019

After completing his Master’s degree in product from Domus Academy, Yuhsien Lin started working in a furniture design company in Milano. In the year of 2017, Yuhsien founded his eponymous studio, thus expending more opportunities for design.

His studio has covered many fields, ranging from the design of small objects, such as tableware, to the more complicated ones, such as furniture. Furthermore, the design also participated from craftsmanship to industrial scale, even shoes design, art deco and electronics. The furniture design collection was introduced to the exhibition at the Triennale di Milano collaborated with IKEA, which gave the studio the chance to work with famous corporates, such as STARBUCKS, IKEA, DJI.

The studio constantly challenges itself to grant its identity into the objects, while preserving the original aesthetics of the objects.

DM lighting

DM lighting has its own unique story and characteristic, which allows the creation of light becomes an “inspired” space. DM lighting was inspired by two items from different worlds: a glass bracket and cantaloupe. When the two collided, it ended up representing a diamond-like lighting effect. Not only giving vivid lighting, but it interpreted with modern style, making it sophisticated, elegant. This is a design that emphasizes the transition of the ingredients.

The most difficult part but worth  paying attention would be the craftsmanship of the blown glass. The reflection that the metal net’s line shadows give, is spreading on the blown glass, making it shine like a diamond. It enriches the unique charisma to different settings.

In order to construct the design culture and interpret the lighting design, DM lighting becomes a unique performer in each scene. The special structure design could create different spatial effects by changing the environment and angle, which are perfectly integrated into each scene. With fascinating light, it is letting the emotions to fill the space.

The glamorous and elegant versions of transparent and rose gold have been chosen to bring a "dual character" to the DM.

Season Loop

The sophisticated outline of the Season Loop armchair represents its unmistakable personality while silently deliver the message of rich characteristic.

It has a completely removable upholstery and it is available in two versions: one in navy blue leather with grey solid wood; the other is solid ash which can be your choice of shades with Hermes’s orange leather. This can be made between the options of saddle hide shell and the cushion upholstery, then further making it possible to a countless combination.

This chair is decorated with saddle leather, and it has the delicate seat cushion with the soft goose down back cushion. It is specifically designed for use both in domestic and hospitality settings such as lounges, waiting rooms and restaurants.


The inspiration of Bubble was from the irregular and unique appearance of the foam. For this design, it changed the fixed idea that bubble breaks in touch, and used the glass concept making it possible to freeze, thus freezing the time.

The design opened up more possibilities of decorativeness in vases, as well as creating a way for interaction between the flowers and people. The action of the ritual sense makes the essence of floral art more attractive through the interaction of the hood.

The Bubble series is exclusively blown by glass craftsmen, their excellent skills make these three pieces of flowers one of a kind.

The BUBBLE series is for sale, any interest please contact laihama000@gmail.com

Yuhsien Design Studio spends day and night participating manufacturing process and helps to give the visual effect to have a slight swinging response, therefore, reflecting the playful nature of the design.

Image source:Yuhsien Lin

Yuhsien Lin / Yuhsien Design Studio

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