Fang Zhenpeng

Art&Craft / 24 Feb 2019

FANG Zhenpeng is an industrial designer, architect and artist and one of the first to obtain a senior industrial designer certificate in China; a member of the American Interior Design Association and China Industrial Design Association; a visiting professor at Tsinghua University. Born in Nanjing, Fang graduated from Tsinghua University and went to Japan for further studies in 1989. He returned to China in 1993 and worked as a designer. In 2001, he founded I-FANG, beginning the research on Chinese traditional culture and combine the elements into design practice, mainly in architecture, landscape, interior and product design before 2010. Now he focuses on public art, furniture and ceramics, and has created paintings with unconventional material. He has a ceramic studio in Jingdezhen.

Vessels, 2018,D87xH135mm; D147xH75mm; D90xH170mm; D140xH120mm, porcelain/no glaze

Fang was deeply influenced by Chinese philosophy, especially the Tao Te Ching. The idea behind I-FANG is that “the boundary that can be determined is not the eternal boundary”, which derives from the understanding of the famous quote by Laozi: “The Tao that is utterable is not the eternal Tao”. Design defines a convertible and ambiguous relationship among various boundaries, once the existing boundary gets blurred, a new boundary will emerge.


Fang’s methods are different from the traditional pursuit of porcelain: the exquisite glazing, painting, carving; everything needs to be perfect and avoids any mistake. Fang instead embrace the ‘accidents’, letting the material speaks for itself. There is no glazing, and with the smoked effect, the process is mostly uncontrollable; hence every piece is unique.

Image Source: Fang Zhenpeng


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