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Product / 30 Aug 2018

Xuejiao Tan graduated from the Department of Decorative Design of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and Chunyou Yi has been engaged in interior and architectural design since 1999. In 2006, they founded NatureBamboo. By fusing the environmentally friendly material; bamboo, with traditional handicrafts to create a series of products, including lamps, furniture, porcelain, textiles and other home accessories.

Integrating the intangible heritage such as the craft of porcelain-bodied-bambooware into daily life, NatureBamboo started from a simple cup. The concept is simply to enjoy drinking a cup of water. The shape is inspired by the bamboo knot of Qiongzhuea (a kind of bamboo), according to the characteristic of porcelain-bodied bambooware craft, the cup fits into the hand comfortably and is more durable.

The handicraft of bamboo-over-porcelain from Sichuan province uses hairline bamboo filaments and soft bamboo chips to weave against the porcelain vessels. It originated from the royal palace at the end of Qing dynasty (1644-1912). At that time Guozheng Zhang, a native of Chongzhou, Sichuan, invented the craft based on the folk bamboo weaving. However, due to the exquisite craftsmanship and the limited output, it was only presented as a royal tribute for the nobility.

Chunyou Yi (Left) & Xuejiao Tan (Right)

The workshop exploration of NatureBamboo is like a social experiment by means of design. The value is not merely gathering the craftsmen to finish the designs, but planing the long-term sustainable development for the local community. By combining modern design with and the traditional handicraft, NatureBamboo brings back the 'lost' handicraft to daily life.

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'Four Gentleman' Tea Set

The set of ‘Four Gentlemen’ is made by the porcelain-bodied bambooware craft, using the finest filaments of Sinocalamus Affinis (a kind of bamboo), each of the filaments has a diameter of no more than 0.5 mm. The shape of each cup is different so that people can better distinguish each one’s cup when drinking tea together. Just like the best friendship: having common interests while being individuals.

'Vajra' Whisky Flask

This is the latest innovation of NatureBamboo. Instead of weaving bamboo onto porcelain, they experiment with stainless steel to make the flask.

Vajra, in the Buddhism classics, refers to Buddha’s warrior attendant. The combination of bamboo and stainless steel, gentleness and firmness creates particular poetry and beauty. The delicate texture of bamboo makes it cool in summer while warm in winter, which is perfect to use outdoors.

Thermal Flask

The Thermos Flask wrapped by bamboo feels very different from the 'normal' stainless steel flasks. The more you use it, the texture of the bamboo will become smoother, and you will like it more.

'Apple' Floor Lamp

The appearance of the Apple Floor Lamp is derived from the shape of an apple; sleek and elegant. The design of the Lamp has been modified and improved several times, not only challenging the complexity of this craft, but also making compromises according to the characteristics of bamboo. It reaches a balance between aesthetics, restrictions of material and craft so that the rounded shape of the lamp is full of visual tension.

'Bulb' Desk Lamp

The Bulb Desk Lamp is inspired by swopping the lamp and the light bulb. The adjustment of its shape add a subtle sense of humour, the beautiful curves and filaments create a sense of mystique when the light comes on, like a spiritual universe. 

'Lotus' Pendant Lamp

Originated from the ancient craftsmanship, the Lotus Lamp has an open structure, representing the endless echoes. It is like in meditation, a light and graceful lotus slowly emerges, or ripples spread, from the darkness.

Beauty Vase

The exquisite figure, classic Eastern beauty and the complete bamboo-woven texture of the Beauty Vase highlight its craftsmanship. Putting in a flower, a leaf or even a dried branch will create a unique view.

The mysterious red colour was created first. Then endow it with lines, and at last, the beauty was born.

Images Source: NatureBamboo

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