MoreLess by HOU Zheng Guang: the relationship between mentality and form

Furniture / 14 Feb 2018

Zheng-Guang Hou was born in 1972 in Xi'an, China. He has obtained the MA degree in Furniture Design from Buckinghamshire New University before he came back to China and started his career. In 2009, Hou founded the furniture brand 'MoreLess', and in 2012, he was recognised as one of the most influential furniture designers in China. He was also the founder of 'eachcorporation' company in Shanghai and Vice-director of Furniture Design Committee of China. After becoming the Vice-director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, he has been the curator of 'Shine Shanghai' Conceptual Design Show for six years. As one of the curators for Chinese furniture in Milan Design Week, Hou has helped to promote Chinese design ideas internationally.

'Moreless' is involved in furniture, lighting and accessories. Their products seek to make the culture and personality within a balance of function and beautiful form. Natural materials, simple design and exquisite crafts magnify the beauty of the details.

Work Intro:

'Three Walkers', stool & tea table

The work is inspired by a quote of Confucius: "If I am walking with another two people, at least one of them can be my teacher."
The organic form comes from the inflated spiral units; they bring about multi-function and the beauty of the material.

'Ignorance' chair

Inspired by Socrates's words: “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance."

Hou Zheng Guang wants to use this 'Ignorance' chair to salute the Chinese Ming dynasty chair.

'Nanshan', cabinet

Pixelated landscapes can create an interesting interaction between the users and the furniture. The 'landscape' can be viewed clearer if the users stand further away. If standing too close from the cabinet, the landscape is just some carved dots.

HOU Zheng Guang / MoreLess

Vice-director of Furniture Design Committee of China; Vice-director of Shanghai Industrial Design Association

Founder of 'MoreLess' and 'eachcorporation' company

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