Jin Zhenhua

Art&Craft / 22 Feb 2019

JIN Zhenhua graduated Bachelor from Tsinghua University in 2000, Master degree from Seoul National University in 2008, and established her ceramic art studio in China. She is a member of UNESCO IAC international ceramic society.

Jin Zhenhua in Jingdezhen, 2014. Video by Derek Au

Jin’s works are collected by Brooklyn Museum, Icheon World Ceramics Center, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Musée Ariana, Dublin Castle Museum, Guangzhou Xusheng Museum of Fine Arts, and other galleries and private collectors internationally. Her works won awards by the Korea International Ceramics Biennale, Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale, The Ceramics Annual of America, ‘Blanc de Chine’ International Ceramics Prize and many others.

Jin Zhenhua with her installation 'Orientation' at Jinjihu Biennale, 2018. Photography: Zhang Ming

Jin created a series of work: Lifecycle, Growing, Quiet Change, Lingering Charm, Gentle Wind, Completeness of the Wind and Orientation; based on her favourite material, white porcelain. “I am emotional, and I love nature. It is easy to find myself moved by details of nature and life. Nature owns the endless resource, which provides me constant inspiration all the time. I love plants, and I understand their beauty. I like the space in between the plants’ shapes; the gaps provides an infinite depth left for imagination and you can feel the flow of energy. I love soil, and I love the feeling of touching the clay. I love the colour white, since it is pure and delicate.”

Orientation No.3, 2017, L27×W26×H21cm, white porcelain

In the present materialistic society, we often find ourselves at the intersection of decision-making among many choices, which are either rational or irrational, and intertwined with uncontrollable variables. For Jin, touching soil is the simplest and shortest way to get close to her inner self. In her work Orientation, the artist hand-sculpted the clay into bending pieces to indicate the sense of disorientation and uncertainty. Like making origami, the artist tries different approaches to explore a possible extension for unrepeated and uninterrupted continuity, while all variations are kept within a certain range and form, without deviating from the essence.

Growing 2-1, 2019, L9×W7.5×H24.5cm, porcelain/matt white glaze

Jin Zhenhua has always been focusing on the theme of ‘life’. Life is fleeting, and she wanted to express its connotation with artistic forms as metaphors. In Growing series, she gave static plants new life by turning them into art. The process of the plants’ transformation marks her dialogue with life. “I want the spirit of life to last, as I named it Endless Life.”


Collect 2019, 28 February - 3 March, Booth 7.3, Saatchi Gallery

Image Source: Jin Zhenhua

Jin Zhenhua

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