Bian Xiaodong

Art&Craft / 22 Feb 2019

BIAN Xiaodong has been experimenting with fine porcelain for years, resulting in series of work that based on porcelain body as thin as eggshell. Bian used top-quality Kaolin clay from Jingdezhen to make the petuntse, added the mix onto silicon moulds, and let it flows naturally with gravity. After the body was dry, it was fired at 1350℃. The inspiration comes from an incident where Bian fired the ceramic at a temperature that is too high and caused the ceramic to deform. Following intensive experiments, he mastered a unique way to morph the shape consciously in a high-temperature kiln.

The earlier series ‘Cocoon’ presents a moment that the silkworm cocoon is emerging from the chrysalis. The folds and the split part of the objects demonstrate the powerful force from a process of metamorphosis. It praises the beauty of nature, and also to indicate that the restriction at a particular moment in life is the reservation for the next wonderful bloom. The latest series ‘Raindrops 8.0’ is the 8th variation from the original ‘Raindrops’ In 2010, and it further explores the possibility of the deformation of paper-thin porcelain. The creases formed by gravity is the artist’s expression of water in nature.

Studied BA in Environmental Art Design at Wuchang Institute of Technology, BIAN Xiaodong established the Raindrop Ceramic Design Studio in Jingdezhen in February 2012. Bian has exhibited at Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel, Beijing International Design Week 2012, Asia Contemporary Ceramic Exchange Exhibition 2010, etc. His work ‘Cocoon’ was awarded Excellence Award at The 11th International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan; Nominee of 29th Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award; and was acquired by the China Ceramic Museum in 2013. ‘Raindrops’ was collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Contemporary Art M+ In 2016.


Collect 2019, 28 February - 3 March, Booth 7.3, Saatchi Gallery

Maison & Objet, 'Craft Trascendence', 7-11 September 2018, Hall 5A L90-M45

Bian Xiaodong

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