Sense: ’Not just living’
Venue / 28 Feb 2018

Sense is a uniquely designed space for designer products, featuring hand-brewed coffee, flower art, professional experience and workshops.

Sense hopes to promote the way of life through the cross-boundary collaborations with designers and artists. Sense believes that each object has a temperature, and each story has its depth.

Design Concept

• A creative space that leads the way of life and delivers life aesthetics

• People who share the same values of humanity

• Create the top lifestyle brands

Sense & Envision Pavilion

In cooperation with the famous Japanese designer Sou Fujimoto, Sense opens the first lifestyle shop in the ‘Envision Pavilion’ building in Shanghai Himalayas Museum.

It has an outdoor area of about 600 square meters, and a glass-structure indoor area of about 300 square meters.



Designer Products | Art Shop

Sales, experiences

Exhibition and display area: Detachable, movable brass shelves


Depending on the themes, the products and display will be arranged differently;

Combine events to create an experiential sales model;

Follow the trends, focus on art products


Floral arts

Workshops, experiences

Features: Landscape-like floral experience space; free flower arrangement classes; membership for surrounding communities


Coffee seats

Sales, experiences, chill

Features: Coffee shop and a full set of coffee utensils, tables, chairs, refrigerator, coffee machines, ice machines, grinders, etc.


Activity space

Features: Basic equipments, television, tables and chairs

Previous workshops: Herbarium Workshop


Outdoor seating

Rest, experiences, activities

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