10 Hands Crafts Ireland Coming to CCW 2018
Events/News / 31 Oct 2016

From 1st to 5th November, 2018, “10 Hands Crafts” will present their exhibition "How things are made" on“The Ireland Stand” China Craft Week Hangzhou

“10 Hands Crafts” is a celebration of contemporary Irish Design based on a long tradition of Irish Craft & Design.

Our 10 Hands Crafts work in West Cork and are part of the West Cork Craft & Design Guild. Our craft community shares an enthusiasm for innovation and originality which continues to sustain West Cork’s reputation for artistic endeavour.

We use 10 different materials and 10 different skills & often collaborate on artworks to learn new skills from each other.

There is a special energy in the rugged West Cork landscape, which inspires creative minds working in a place that seems magical.

Since the early 1960’s West Cork has become home to a large number of artists, designers and crafts people. We share a fascination with the landscape and the unique quality of light.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s it was the creative community itself which attracted people who were looking to join a fully-fledged Bohemian artist’s colony and an alternative lifestyle that continues today.

Our short film “10 Hands Crafts” is part of this travelling exhibition. It starts with its roots in ‘The Bohemians of Ballydehob’ exhibition and moves on to show how things are made.

In 2019 we will celebrates 40 years of Irish and Chinese diplomatic relations, so what a good time to progress ways of working together, to celebrate and learn from each others cultures.

Exhibiting in China gives us a wonderful opportunity to showcase our craft skills and meet new friends. We welcome future collaboration in Craft with our Chinese Craft partnersand welcoming them to Ireland.

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