New Horizons 2020 Young Talents Exhibition
Events/News / 4 Jan 2021

The 2nd New Horizon Young Talents Exhibition opened on 5th December 2020 at Coast Gallery, Zhuhai, China. More than 60 designers and artists showcased their art works, including product, furniture, jewellery, visual communication, and fine art. 

New Horizons (NH) is a showcase of Chinese design graduates and new talents from the globe, curated by Duomi Art Design Studio from Zhuhai in partnership with China Design Centre from London. The goal is to help young designers navigate the choices open to them as they begin their journey as design professionals.

The salon forum with the theme of "Does distance produce beauty? Reflecting design under the epidemic" was held at Wujie Bookstore. Jack Qu, the founder of China Design Centre; and famous Chinese designers Xiaochuan Zhang and Wei Hong participated in and discussed.

The first New Horizons Exhibition was held in 2018, in which more than a hundred designers participated, from an international range, with showcases works including product, furniture, jewellery, footwear, visual communication and fine art. And 10 pieces of art were awarded, three for golden prize and seven for excellent prize. Click here to see more information about it.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused dozens of exhibitions and design events scheduled for 2020 to be postponed or cancelled. It’s a hard time for the art and culture industries all over the world, therefore, some artists can’t send their works to the gallery which is a regret to us.

But we believe the hard time also inspires great works. New Horizons celebrates excellence in today’s new talents and will grow into a vital resource for design in China.

NH2020 exhibition included four main parts: people and the environment, Humanity and the social relation, Culture collision and Material and technology, showing the concerns in the art works of Chinese young talents. 

Qian Jiang, One Minute of Photographic Time

Showcased Designers and Artists:

People and the environment

Shijie Chen/ Zhaoran Meng / Yayuan Xue / Hao Ma / Jiali Huang / Ying Zhu / Bingqing Hu / Ning Zhang / Yafei Yang / Zijie Zhou / Kun Yi/  Yuan Chen / Jinya Zhao / Hua Wang/ Qianhui Yu / Chang Sun / Yanzhen Wu/ Sijia Zhang/ Tianqing Li/ Yizhen Zhou/ Sirui Ning/ Zhi Ying/ Xuanzi Li/ Xuan Zheng / Yilin Shi/ Zhiyi Zhang/ Peipei Wang/ Yijinghan Wu

Humanity and social relation

Wu-Ching Chang/ Ruyi Ling/ Haojun Zhou/ Xuebing Li/ Tianhang Zhu/ Qian Jiang/ Liyi Chen/ Haiming Li/ Juncen An/ Li Chen/ Xiying Bao/ Jiaqi Fu/ QIuyun Huang/ Fuqi Zhang/ Yu Tan/ Feijing Lin/ Lunhua Kong/ Shixiu Liu/ Jifang Zhang/ Ping Mu/ Xueli Tang/ Yue Yu

Culture collision

Bingqi Li/ Xinwen Zhang/ Linyu Mei/ Yue Gu/ Peiming Song / Yin Chang/ Hao Xu/ Chen-Hsing Lee

Material and technology

Jianing Ding/ Guorong Luo/ Wan Wang/ Qimin Chen/ Shengni Zhang

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