2015 FLOW–VIP Launch Event
Exhibition / 16 Mar 2015

 “FLOW: Transforming Materials in Contemporary Chinese Craft” is opened on March 11th by Colin Tweedy, MD of the Building Centre, Minister of Culture, Mr. Xiang, from Chinese Embassy in the UK, Jack Qu, CEO of China Design Centre, Tim Flach, Photographer and Ms Linzhen Huang, Chinese Embroidery Artist 

China Design Centre is proud to present its first exhibition this year, celebrating 2015 Year of UK China Culture Exchange. With partners Xin Hang Xian in Hangzhou, China Design Centre showcases some of China’s most innovative craftspeople and a unique collaboration between Tim Flach, the renowned animal photographer and embroidery artist Linzhen Huang.

Tim Flach’s famous horseback photograph from his renowned book Equus, has been part of a two month collaboration with silk and embroidery artist Linzhen Huang. March 11th was the first time that he had seen the piece. He commented that it moved him to see his photograph conveyed in the third dimension; and that it was a true fusion of vision and skill.

Culture Minister Mr Xiang of Britain’s Chinese Embassy said that he was delighted to see 200 participants at the launch event on March 11th, declaring that it proved that Chinese contemporary creativity is very much alive.

Colin Tweedy, MD of The Building Centre and Jack Qu, CEO of China Design Centre, also spoke at the launch event, emphasising that the unique collaboration between the two institutions has created a special platform for Chinese architects and artists to establish dialogue with UK architects and designers.

There are about 15 artists from Hangzhou on display. Curated into three different sections, Bamboo, Silk and Ceramics, the exhibition reveals the resurgence of traditional Chinese craft designed for contemporary use.

The Bamboo section features hand-painted bamboo umbrellas and stunning LED light shades and clever household goods for modern living.

The Silk section includes some breath-taking embroidery by one of China’s most famous fashion designers and Silk Masters, Lin Xia. You’ll also see the dramatic horseback embroidery as mentioned before, by silk and embroidery artist Linzhen Huang

For more details about the exhibition, please ask for our catalogue.

Event Sponsor: Xie Xie Tea

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