Architecture@China’ Holds the First Symposium at the China Design Centre
News / 12 Jul 2014

To support future design talent and innovation, China Design Centre hosted the first symposium for Architecture@China in 28 June, 2014. The first symposium ‘Architecture and City’ was presented by Lei Yang (AA DRL),Jingming Wu (AA Phd Candidate) and Cyan Jingru Cheng (AA Projective Cities and AA Phd Candidate), and chaired by Jing Qiao (AA Diploma). A description of each thesis follows:

Lei Yang explored the possible implementation of B.M. Fuller’s vision, geodesic dome hovering above Manhattan, under the discussion of technological evolution. His research led to hypotheses of an ecological-micro-world as a transformation of semi-public space. 

Jingming Wu discussed ‘Chinese Classical Garden’. It was a narrative term coined in 20th century, within the aesthetical and political context, as a device to make Chinese and Western urban representation comparable. She argued that ‘Chinese Classical Garden’, predominantly overused by architects, is in fact an invented tradition. 

Cyan Jingru Cheng investigated possibilities of Chinese cities of the future, which will be confronted by a fundamental hukou reform in the next two decades. While defining the current and historical Chinese planning models as a cellular logic, she proposed a new infrastructural logic overlapping the existing urban structure as an urban revolution.

The three presentations cut across various aspects of technology, history and society, followed by sharp and insightful discussions contributed by both speakers and audience.

The symposium of ‘Architecture and City’ is just a start of ‘Architecture@China’.  ‘Architecture@China’ will witness more and more diverse events, bringing together academics and practitioners to exchange ideas of architecture and city. A platform for sharing knowledge in the field of architecture is arising.

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