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Events/News / 18 Apr 2019 / Gloria Zhu

Anonymous Good Design is a video documentary project produced by No.9 Studio, China Academy of Fine Art. From bamboo chair to Chinese calligraphy brush, from traditional paper umbrella to porcelain bowls, it recorded the making process and techniques of 28 folk handicraft that had been created and used for thousands of years, and are still in use today. Now China Design Centre is inviting young artists to join us, with your different perspectives, re-edit the videos and produce 3-minute short cut for each different craft process.

View the link for the original video series:

What we can do for you:

● You own the credits. Your name will be credited when the videos released to the public.

● Internship certificate. CDC will provide a recommendation letter.

● Connection. If any of you are interested in the folk handicraft shown in the video, we can help to connect you with the craftsman.

● Chances to explore. We encourage young artists to explore more practical opportunities for this project.

Application deadline extended to: 31 March 2020

Please send your short statement and portfolio to Please add 'Anonymous Good Design application' in your email title.

Illustration: Gloria Zhu

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