Call for entries: Lucca Biennale 2018
Exhibition / 12 Feb 2018

Application now open for Lucca Biennale!


Lucca Biennale is the biggest event in the world on art, design and architecture in paper. Born in 2004, it takes place within the historical walls of Lucca.

The Biennale promotes culture, tradition, ethics and sustainability through the medium of paper: an ancient tradition that has made Lucca one of the most important paper production centres in the world.

Lucca Biennale is now heading into it's 9th edition, which will take place in Lucca (Tuscany, Italy) between August and September 2018. The Biennale includes exhibitions of works of art with paper, design projects and pieces, artist residencies to create monumental outdoor sculptures in cardboard, workshops and talks, and other events.


Outdoor exhibition

Indoor exhibition

Design / architecture exhibition


Creativity lab


China Design Centre is going to collaborate with LUCCA Biennale to create an exhibition to showcase Chinese paper art and design.


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