Double Solo Exhibitions: “The Logic of Sensation”
Exhibition / 6 Jul 2016

7-13 July 2016

Private view: 8 July 6:30-9:30

Curator: Yunchang Yang

“The Logic of Sensation” is the name of a book written by the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, in which he systematically discussed Francis Bacon’s paintings. In this encounter between philosopher and artist, Deleuze proposed that Bacon’s figural artworks were a great attempt that transcended the modern schools, either figurative painting or its abstract counterpart, illuminating the third route for contemporary paintings. The human-like figures in his paintings did not aim to guide the spectators. Nor did they undertake the function of representation or narration. What distinguished Bacon’s art was that by isolating these figures with geometrical techniques, the viewer’s inner affect and emotions would directly be stimulated. To demonstrate how Bacon’s art produces this kind of “tactile vision” that strike on us, Deleuze has developed a book-long discussion.

The two young artists in this double solo exhibitions, despite huge differences from Bacon in terms of their forms and methods of art practices, their aim and promise are very likely to lead them to reach the same destination. The photographs of Di Cao starts from the fragments of his life, while each fragment refracts the feeling of estrangement in a sense of modernism, pointing to a study of the emotional conditions of contemporary mankind. The inspiration of Jiale An’s fashion design is stemmed from his journey and imagination towards the foreign land. With splendid combinations of colours and sophisticated structures, his work aims to arouse the spectators’ sensation and experience. Before I say too much, why not emerging ourselves within their artworks, and feeling the Logic of Sensation embedded?

Artists Introduction


Jiale An was graduated from the Fashion Design with Marketing programme at Central Saint Martins, Jiale’s Caramelo Says series were highlighted by Vogue UK, i-D, 1 Granary, Drapers, and other British mainstream fashion media.

"Seven months, over twenty countries, hundreds of cities and villages. Gradually and unwittingly, I have left behind a curve on this planet with my footprints." He wrote this one year ago, describing himself as a designer who would never compromise with time and comfort, traveling around the world with restless enthusiasm and capturing each memorable moment with his lens. And this series of design is exactly derived from his many fascinating experiences recorded in his travel log.


Di Cao (b. 1991) is a visual communication designer based in London. Studying in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, hehas been working on a wide range of mediums including photography, film and graphic design. The artworks displayed in this exhibition illustrate the solitude status of contemporary people, who spend their social life in urban public sphere that is often considered as symbols of unity, collectivity and communication.

Works and Exhibitions

2013 - “Impulse” Short Film, Shenzhen, China

2013 - “Time-lapse” Short Film, Shenzhen, China

2014 - “The World I Recognize” Photo Book, Shenzhen China

2014 - “Craft Connect” Art project, Central Saint Martins, London

2014 - “Gravity” Art project, Central Saint Martins, London

2014 - “Meditate” Art project, Central Saint Martins, London

2015 - “Council Environment Reporting” for Camden,Graphic and Application Design, Central Saint Martins, London

2015 - “Text, Image” Art project, Central Saint Martins, London

2015 - “Back to Black” Photography Project, Central Saint Martins, London

2015 - “Singularity” Photographic Group Exhibition, The Hoxton Basement, London

2015 - “Paradoxical” Photography Project, Central Saint Martins, London

2016 - “A Journey Away From Urban Life” Multi-Media Exhibition, 5th Base Gallery, London

2016 - “Digital Propinquity” Cinemagraph Project, Central Saint Martins, London

2016 - “All Lockers Must Be Emptied and Unlocked” CSM MA Communication Design Degree Show, Central Saint Martins, London

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