Gaze: Based on Beijing Opera
Event / 8 Apr 2017

Chasing though the development of Beijing Opera we will notice the different of it between other two oldest opera in the world, Sankrit drama and tragicomedy, is that it has never left its audiences. It is not untouchable. Its stories from love between bel esprit to national raise and fail, it is a channel connecting royal court and folk life, also it is a miniature ideology of traditional China. Also is the earliest mess culture in ancient China.

However, nowadays, after two hundreds of years change, Beijing Opera gradually away from its audience,stated in its era, only left us a beautiful figure. In the globalisation context, Chinese young generation are going out of the country to see this stunning world, however, an unique “homesickness” raised up due to the western education background. different perception result into a different understanding about traditional culture.

Therefore we named this exhibition Gaze, Beijing Opera provided a dimension for us to gaze our culture objectively, also a method to explore the future development of Beijing Opera. We always talk about ‘development’, but ‘development’ not mean to be going forward, it just one of many choices, the thing we want to see is possibilities.

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