HWCD Boutique Hotel Design Show
Exhibition / 1 Sep 2017

From 1st to 12th of September, HWCD will showcase its boutique hotel practice at China Design Centre, The Building Centre. HWCD’s award-winning hotel projects are across Europe and China, which includes: Six Senses in Ibiza, Bamboo Tea House and Heritage Resort in Yangzhou, Legends boutique hotel in Xi’an and Tiantai Mountain Tourism in Zhejiang. We will be presenting valuable material such as design drawings, hand-drafts, visualisation pictures and models in the exhibition.

In these completed boutique hotel projects, HWCD always manages to integrate local culture into architecture design, developing more possibilities in design while taking care of technical details. The cultural depth in its spatial design helps HWCD win several prizes, including AR+D, IPA, WIN and SBID.

Curator: HWCD

Dates: 1-12 September 2017

Location: China Design Centre, The Building Centre, London WC1E 7BT

About HWCD

HWCD is a fast-growing design firm with an international team based in Shanghai, London, and Barcelona. Our portfolio includes urban design, boutique hotels, high-end residential, landscape design and consulting. From concept to construction drawings, we pride ourselves especially for our work in high-end residential and commercial projects. 

We approach each project in a considered and holistic way. Our work is simultaneously considered and playful; the designs we produce are unique, not formulaic or style-driven but are derived from a studied appraisal of and an intelligent and layered response to a brief and the particular situation.

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