London Craft Week 2016: Integration—Redesign
Exhibition / 3 May 2016


Tue 3 May - Fri 13 May

The exhibition’s theme is ‘Integration—Redesign’, and it is based on silk, a Chinese traditional craft material. Using modern life as a creative source point, 10 excellent designers from Hangzhou integrated silk into their contemporary designs. Through the excavation, decomposition, and redesigning of the silk, the artists extend the latitude of silk infinitely. The new silk aesthetics, characterized by the syncretism of tradition and innovation and the Orient and the West, demonstrate the spirit of China’s next generation of craftsmen.

Meanwhile, as a higher art institution, the China Academy of Art is presenting the ‘The Gifts of West Lake’ for the first time in London. Several artists have devoted themselves for years to creating hundreds of art works and designs inspired from their experiences and feelings about the southern Yangtze River and West Lake, presenting the traditional culture and the modernity of West Lake.

We hope this exhibition will help to change people’s inherent views of ‘Chinese design’, to spread the works and concepts of China’s outstanding contemporary designers to a wider global audience, and to deepen the understanding of Chinese culture. We also hope this exhibition will enhance communication in the creative cultural industry.

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Contemporary Chinese Craft Exhibition

Private View : 6-9 pm 3 May. Public Viewing: 3-13th of May 2016

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