PLAY! DESIGN: China's top emerging design talents showcase in Beijing
Exhibition / 3 May 2019

Play, means doing things for pleasure, to enjoy yourself rather than work. When a group of young designers “play” their inspiration and creativity, they fully enjoy the creation of colours, shapes and materials to show their design thinking that shaped under different identities, cultures and lifestyle. HOW WOULD THEY DEFINE THE DESIGN?

A new generation of young designers adore freedom and always try to break the boundary of limitations. They take design as the carrier, draw inspiration from daily life, have extremely high social sensitivity, and constantly explore interesting and experimental design works. By cooperating with world-renowned art colleges, this exhibition invites more than one hundred young designers domestically and abroad to present the diversified designs of jewelries, furniture, products, textile, interactions and installations, focusing on the topics,such as “Design and Daily life”, “Design and Cultural Identity” and “Design and Emotional Experience”. Additionally, this exhibition also has a special corner for overseas designers to stimulate a positive connection among young designers from all over the world.

There is no boundary for “Design” in the future. In addition to exploring and promoting Chinese creative new talents, the exhibition also tries to establish a real emotional connection between design and audience in the context of “playing”.

Date: 2019.04.20-2019.06.02

Location: Hall 5, Beijing Times Art Museum, No.69 Fuxing Road, Beijing, China

At the opening ceremony, six designers and artists delivered a special speech in the form of Pecha Kucha, and the event also invited the co-founder of Pecha Kucha Beijing - Meng Lingda Nicky Meng to interpret this unique way of speaking, and talked about the development of Pecha Kucha Beijing in the past 14 years.

Nicky, Co-founder of Pecha Kucha Beijing

Every designer, artist and audience shared their experiences and unique understanding of design and art.

Cui Yue, Jewellery designer

Cui Yue, jewellery designer, graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University and MA Jewellery Design of the Central Saint Martins College. Inspired by the dynamics of the animals, she explored the balance between abstraction and figuration by refining the curves in the sketches.

Lin Fanglu, Independent art designer

Lin Fanglu, an independent art designer, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She attempted to understand and interpret traditional crafts from the perspective of contemporary art. Recently, she has visited Dali in Yunnan for field trips, gaining an in-depth understanding of Bai people’s tie-dyeing process. She hopes to apply this ethnic element to modern design.

Wang Hua, Ceramic Artist

Ceramic artist Wang Hua graduated from the Central Saint Martin in Sculpture and the Royal College of Art in Ceramics and Glass. Her work embodies multiple changes in modern ceramics, as well as a skeptical description of personal, social and traditional concepts.

Bingqi Lee, Independent designer

Bingqi Lee is an independent designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (MA Ceramics, Furniture, Jewellery Design) and furniture design at Central Academy of Fine Arts (BA). She mainly focuses on the combination and innovative design of metal materials and modern technologies, hoping to create a furniture brand that meet the needs of the younger generation.

Wang Xiaotong, Textile designer

Wang Xiaotong, a textile designer who obtained both MA and BA degree in fashion textile design at the Chelsea School of Art at the University of the Arts London. She uses the edge perspectives to discover the society and life to inspire her design.

Tianyi Shi, Funiture designer

Tianyi Shi,a furniture / product designer graduated from MA Design (Furniture), Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in2017 and then founded her own studio. She shared her story about foams creation and three relevant projects. She hopes that through sharing and playing with foams, everyone will have a new understanding of this interesting material.

Jack Qu, Founder of China Design Centre (London)

Professor Jiang Li, Central Academy of Fine Arts


Beijing Times Art Museum

China design centre (London)


Bloomage International Investment Group

Bloomage LIVE

Duomi Art Design Studio

Supporting Instiutions

University for the Creative Arts

Nottingham Trent University

Central Academy of Fine Arts

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts


Alexander Taylor, Alice Made This, Benjamin Pearey, Bingqi Lee, Chen Yutong, Chen Biying, Chen Danrui, Chen Zhiyang, Chen Zeyun, Chen Huiling, Chang Ziyan, Chen Liqi, Chen Minna, Chen Qiaoyu, Cheng Chen, Chen Keyin, Cui Wei, Dai Ruiqi, Danniella Wilde, Emily Smith, Feng Zhixuan, Feng Zhe, Gao Yixuan, Fang Xiu, Fang Mengni, Han Yue, Hu Chenchen, Huang Jing, Huang Kaiqi, Huang Xuxi, Huang Yuwei, Jing Xi, Joe Parker, Jayda Sotaiyin, Kirstin Estaugh, Kas Williams, Li Zanwen, Li Zi, Liang Yufei, Lin Fanglu, Michelle Long, Ma Yunfei, Mai Peishan, Marc Wood, Morph UK, Oliver Hrubiak, POM, Richard Chapman, Nie Yanliang, Tianyi Shi, Theo Brooks, Wang Chenyu, Wang Sihan, Wang Hua, Wang Xiaotong, Wang Zhaoshen, Wang Yuwei, Wang Yangzi, Xu Jiacan, Xue Yao, Yang Ruoyao, Yang Zhan, Yang Zi, Yao Yujia, Yin Qie, Yu Mutian, Yu Lu / Wang Mingjie, Yu Peipei / Guo Jing, Yuan Shuai, Zhang Shiyuan, Zhang Wenjun, Zhang Xinting, Zhang Yuanlu, Zhang Yixin

Photos Credit to Beijing Times Art Museum

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