LUCCA BIENNALE came to an end: Chinese paper art in Italy
Events/News / 27 Sep 2016

On August 4, 2018, LUCCA BIENNALE, the world's largest paper art event, opened in Lucca, the capital of Tuscany, Italy. This year, the Lucca Paper Art Biennale also ushered in new changes. The organizers of the Lucca Paper Art Biennale exhibition cooperated with the China Design Center. After careful selection, the China Academy of Art, Hong Kong paper artist Huang Wenhan, and Shanghai paper artist Liang Haisheng and the paper art brand Paper Life Combine and participate in the exhibition to convey the Chinese contemporary paper art aesthetics and fresh ideas to the world.

The Lucca Paper Art Biennial lasted two months, during which time paper artists from all over the world gathered to give the audience a wonderful paper feast. With the arrival of September 27th, this event has also come to an end. The following are the Chinese artists participating in this exhibition.

Chen Huasha, Zhang Ting, Ma Chuan, and Kong Qiongyi from the China Academy of Art, as one of the first Chinese artists to participate in the Biennale, hand-cut paper created by traditional double-sided black paper, "The Warmth Of Paper” was invited to the Lucca Paper Art Biennale.

During the exhibition, the China Academy of Art was inspired by the black traditional paper-cutting craftsmanship of the famous Nangou Village in Sanmenxia, Shaanxi Province, China. For this purpose, the creative team went to Nangou Village and the fourth generation of paper-cut non-genetic inheritance in Nangou Village. Mr. Meng Cang, an old man, conducted in-depth communication and exchanges, collected and compiled a large number of physical objects, images and video materials, and finally determined the work of the Lucca Biennale, "The Warmth Of Paper” .

At the end of the exhibition, the origami that made up the exhibits was taken away by the audience and became a souvenir of the event, bringing the traditional Chinese culture back to home.

Although Hong Kong paper artist Joe Wong’s trip to Lucca suffered flight cancellation and baggage loss, he and his wife were still optimistic, and finally completed the construction of the exhibits on the day before the exhibition, presenting the paper sculpture device “new bottle” to the audience. "The wonderful." "New Bottle" combines Chinese characters with traditional flower screen shapes, reinterprets Chinese traditional culture with paper as a medium, and expresses Mr. Huang Wenhan's modern expression of the traditional Chinese concept of "Tai Da Datong".

The combination of Shanghai paper artist Liang Haisheng and the paper art brand Paper Life brought the work “Lantern”. Artists use traditional Chinese papermaking techniques, combined with modern aesthetics and structural design, to present a variety of art forms.

In this exhibition, not only the artists invited by the China Design Center are present at the Biennale. Hu Huizhong, a paper artist from Hong Kong, also brought her paper sculptures. After a few months of hard work in Lucca, Hu Huizhong's works were highly praised by the exhibitors. This uniquely shaped work also attracted many viewers to take photos with them.

Teachers and students from the Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University also took part in the Lucca Paper Art Biennale with their exhibit “Can-VOLCANO”.

About Lucca

Although Lucca is adjacent to the famous tourist city of Pisa, Lucca is rarely mentioned in most Chinese tourism forums. In fact, Lucca, an ancient Italian town still surrounded by ancient urban and rural areas, has had a close relationship with China since ancient times. Through the ancient Silk Road, papermaking from China was introduced to Europe, and Italy's Lucca soon became one of the most important paper centers in Europe. For hundreds of years, papermaking has become an indispensable part of local history and culture.

LUCCA BIENNALE was born in Lucca in 2004 and is committed to promoting traditional culture, creativity and promoting local sustainability through paper. This year's 9th Paper Art Biennale became the paper art carnival in the city of Lucca. The indoor exhibition takes place in two halls in Lucca. The two indoor exhibition halls are Lucca's historic Palazzo Ducale and the Renaissance Mercato del Carmine.

Left: Palazzo Ducale; Right: Mercato del Carmine

Both venues have their own charm. As the center of lucca, the Palazzo Ducale has exquisite murals and elegant decoration. The splendid scene of the year still remains here. The Mercato del Carmine is the representative of Lucca's life, and the market is adjacent to Lucca's famous attraction "Amphitheater Square", which is the center of Lucca's life.

Mercato del Carmine

Palazzo Ducale

Although the Lucca Paper Art Biennale is over, the pace of overseas promotion of Chinese paper art will not stop. As one of the most representative materials of Chinese culture, paper still plays an indispensable role in people's lives in this ever-changing era. The China Design Center will continue to work with Chinese paper artists to contribute to the international development of Chinese paper art. Let us look forward to the next Lucca Paper Art Biennale and look forward to the Chinese paper artists once again on the international stage.

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